Activate Your Best Creative Life E-Course

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Do you dream of living a more creative and fulfilling life? Would you like to express yourself in a more creative way?

Do  any of the these apply?

  • You would love to find a creative outlet (or several) for self-expression.
  • You wish you could tap into your creativity, but you would just rather binge on Netflix or sedate yourself via the IG scroll. 
  • You’ve taken a few art/creative classes in the past but are unsure about your direction. It’s too overwhelming.
  • Even though you know you have great taste, you've not had the chance, confidence, or courage to really explore your creativity. 
  • Everything has been done before, and it has you in a headlock of fear.

You’re not alone!

I’ve been there! Overwhelm, fear, lack of focus, and/or disconnect ARE REAL and can throw our creativity off kilter. 

Then something magical happened--I learned how to tap into my creativity in new and exciting ways and I can't wait to tell you how. 

Introducing the Activate Your Best Creative Life E-Course! 

I have found that creativity is all about being connected to what I love and feeling a deep sense of fulfillment as I navigate my day. 

In this online course, take a journey of self-discovery to ignite your creative inspiration!

Just think how fun it will be to infuse the things that excite you into your creative practice to express yourself in new and exciting ways. 

You can kick creative rut to the curb once you learn my secret formula that will supercharge your creativity and help you to create limitlessly.  

Sometimes we just need a place to start to get the creative juices flowing.

How does this sound?

    • You feel connected to yourself and your creativity
    • You find your creative style and are making art that you love.
    • You wake up with a sense of purpose and are excited to get out of bed.
    • You know how to tune into your environment to find an endless source of creative inspiration.
    • You know how to infuse the things that fuel you into a new or existing form of creative expression.
    • Have an action plan to stay inspired to reach your creative goals
    • You feel more confident and alive.

…all in less time than it takes to binge watch your favorite show.

So maybe you're thinking to yourself:

  • you want to create art to process your emotions
  • or perhaps you want to make art to heal an bring people together
  • or maybe you want to make art to make a statement and express yourself

BUT, you don't know where to start--this class will give you the direction you need.

What if you took this time right now to redefine the life you really want--to recreate yourself, and make yourself a priority?  

You DESERVE to nurture your creativity in new and exciting ways. I’m right here with you.

What you can expect: 

Check out the Introduction video of the course.

  • Learn how to visualize your best creative life.
  • Learn how to make space for your creativity.
  • Learn how to switch up your routine to activate your creativity.
  • Learn how to identify your creative fuel and create a Library of Inspiration to store your brilliant project ideas.
  • Reconnect with what you have-- memories and creative potential to open the floodgates of possibility.
  • Learn my “secret” formula of how to combine things for endless creative possibilities all unique to you and your interests.
  • Make a creative project.
  • Learn a mindset trick to combat fear.
  • Learn how to find your unique style.
  • Learn how to stay focused and on track.


Who am I?

I’m Jennifer Clifford. Collage artist, maker, and interior designer and there’s one thing I know for sure. WE ARE ALL CREATIVE and there is creative abundance available to anyone who wants it! It’s just a matter of tapping into it. I know this from life experience. 

I am teaching you the steps that I took to tap in and reclaim my creativity, which even led me to a new career—as a full time artist. I went from uninspired and restless, to tapping into an abundance of creative inspiration within a few years. 

There is an endless abundance of inspiration available to you, too! Even if you don't make a penny from it! 

My timeline:

  • 2007: I had no creative hobbies and very little artistic skill. I started to pay attention to what inspired me. 
  • 2009: Heavy experimentation with creative styles during this time. Took a few creative classes to build up skill. Was looking for my form of creative expression. 
  • 2013 I left corporate America to pursue a creative life. Still heavily experimenting. Sold my first piece of art and participated in my first art show.
  • 2014: Designed and developed a collectible line of wall art inspired by urban exploration. Started to sell art full time at art shows/events, wholesale, and online.
  • 2019: Expanded my product offerings into an organic cotton line, and wrote my first book/journal about Living Inspired.  
  • 2020:  helping people just like you tap into your creativity to find meaning and live your best creative life!

“Starting”, for many people, is the hardest part.  That’s why I created this online course with prompts, tips and tricks to help jump start your creativity.


How it works:

The course is hosted on the Teachable platform. Upon purchase you will be sent the login details to access the course.

The course Is divided into core 6 sections/15 video lessons. Each lesson is a creative video presentation sharing my insights, knowledge and lots of colorful examples to help you on your creative journey.

After each lesson, there is a downloadable homework assignment/challenge  consisting of writing exercises, list making, diagrams, charts, and more, all to help you take INSPIRED ACTION toward connecting with yourself and your creativity! 


Who is the course for?

All levels are welcome. Perfect for the beginner who would like to find creative direction, and also great for the intermediate artist who wants to reawaken their creativity and feel more connected to their creative practice. 

What materials are needed?

A very basic materials list is needed to start this ecourse. 

  • a journal (basic lined journal found at a drugstore works fine)
  • pen
  • supplies to start a creative project (discussed in further detail in the course. One of ways we activate your creativity is to find creative reuse for things you already have onhand. 
  • an open mind and a willingness to try. 

You will receive:

  • Video Tutorial - 6 Sections/17 video lessons. 
  • PDF downloads with each lesson to help you take inspired action towards reaching your creative goals
  • 1-year access –Work at your own pace!

Buy with confidence. You have 14 days to try out the course. If you decide it isn't for you, just send an email to and we will refund your money. Please note, after 14 days, no refunds will be permitted.