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Large Format Wood Prints

Do you want a size not listed?    Most of these images can be made into numerous sizes (some cropping may be necessary).  Please reach out to me if you want a custom size.  

Please note, these items are printed and shipped from Canada.  This collection is not eligible for any discounts at this time. 

Every Wood Print is Unique

Due to the natural properties of wood, every wood canvas will be unique. The wood grain is always different panel to panel. 

 White or No White?

Choose between printing the artwork with white ink or no white ink. Here's a bit about each:

 No white

  • Any white in the design will show as the wood grain
  • Darker areas or areas of heavy detail will print darker than you see on your screen
  • There will be a warm look to your print since the color of the wood will give your colors a warmer tone. Blues in your artwork may take on a turquoise/green tint
  • This setting is ideal for highlighting the difference between printing on wood and printing on paper. Printing on wood gives you a unique one-of-a-kind pieces each time since every wood canvas is different.

Printing with White Ink

  • White in the artwork will print white ink on the wood canvas.
  • Our white ink still allows the wood grain to be seen through the ink by about 50%
  • Darker areas will be highlighted with white for increased details
  • Ideal for photographs and detailed artwork