Each collage tells a story incorporating the papers collected in each respective city. 
My process:
  • It all starts by scouting inspiration, on a trip or in my own backyard. (This is my favorite part.)
  • I collect the papers (like ticket stubs, maps, newsprint, brochures, menus, etc.) in each respective city. (I've been known to bring home bags full of random papers.) These papers will be used to make the collage. 
  • Decide on the color palette and alter my papers with paint/ink and combine them with wallpaper. 
  • The cutting process begins. I make individual "mini" collages and compile them until I have enough to lay over my wood panel. 
  • I glue everything down to the panel when I am happy with the layout.
  • The collage is finished. 
  • Then it's scanned. 
  • I then transform the original collage into numerous art products for you to enjoy.