VIP Seat


 The VIP seat includes:

          • Full access to the course: (6 sections/15 video lessons). 

          • After each lesson, there is a homework assignment/challenge consisting of writing exercises, list making, diagrams, charts, and more, all to help you take INSPIRED ACTION toward connecting with creativity. 

          •  LIving Inspired Companion eJournal $17 value (40 page eJournal that will help you navigate your best creative life. 

          • 30 min creative coaching call with Jennifer Clifford to help you navigate your creative journey. My goal is to help you nurture your artistic expression, get your creative juices flowing, and help you take action on your creative goals.

    Once you purchase, you will receive an email with login details, Living Inspired Journal download link, and information on how to schedule the 30 min creative coaching call. 

    Please watch the introduction video 

      Let’s break it down: 

      Section 1: Create Your Path

      • Lesson 1: Creating your path.
      • Lesson 2: Express yourself.

      Section 2: Create Space

      • Lesson 1: Create space.
      • Lesson 2: Create a sacred morning.

      Section 3: Activate Your Creativity

      • Lesson 1: Switch up your routine.
      • Lesson 2: Pay attention/find your fuel.
      • Lesson 3: What do you have?
      • Lesson 4: What do you need?

      Section 4: Your Creative Compass

      • Lesson 1: Brainstorm combinations for a project.
      • Lesson 2: Try things, make a project.

      Section 5: Navigating Fear (will be added July 1)

      • Lesson 1: Trying something new can be scary.
      • Lesson 2: Everything has been done before.
      • Lesson 3: Everything is a steppingstone.

      Section 6: Continuing On Your Journey (will be added July 1)

      • Lesson 1: Make more art
      • Lesson 2: Develop a plan of action
      • Lesson 3: Follow what's fun