Living Inspired Journal

Introducing the all in one journal, goal-setting notebook, vision mapping, habit tracker, to do lists tool, and much more.

It's everything you need to make 2020 your best year ever! 

The Living Inspired Journal includes: Size 5.5"x8.5" with antique gold coil binding so it lays flat.

  • 165 beautifully-designed pages (made from cut out magazines and hand-drawn graphics)
  • Inspirational quotes and thought-provoking guidance
  • Irresistible ‘fill-in’ pages
  • Vision mapping, habit trackers, and goal setting exercises
  • Journal pages for collage and notes
  • Bonus recipes, practical tasks, and craft ideas to get you actively pursuing a more creative and positive lifestyle 

 The journal is divided into nine sections: Creating Your Path, Sacred Morning, Self-Care, Be Your Own Best Friend, What We Leave Behind, Get Moving, How Do You Express Yourself, Follow Your Curiosity, and Leaps of Faith. 

The preorder campaign starts October 7th and runs through October 21.  

This campaign will directly support the production run for the first edition journals.  Backers of this campaign will get best possible pricing on the journal plus bonus options. 

All orders placed during this pre-order sale will be sent out the second week of November. All orders include free shipping

$7: Digital Journal — the entire 165-page journal is available as a digital download. Import the PDF file to your iPad pro to use with the Goodnotes or Notability app (sold separately). Or, print out the entire PDF or chosen sections. Digital file will be sent to your email associated with purchase. File will be sent on October 21. No physical book will be sent. (save $8)

$25: Receive one physical journal + 5"x 7" greeting card designed by Jennifer Clifford (can be framed). (Save $10) 

$45: Receive one physical journal + 8”x 8” art print of your choice (specify your choice in "Special instructions for the seller" at time of checkout).  If no print is specified, I will send the Houses of Noe Valley (as shown in photo). (Save $13)

$70: Holiday Gift Pack — Receive 3 journals to give and share! (Save $20)


What inspired the Living Inspired Journal? 

About 12 years ago I didn’t have many creative hobbies or know what I liked to do. I was often restless and was looking for distractions. My solution was to start paying attention to what inspired me, so I tracked my inspiration in a journal. I would fill it with anything inspiring – quotes, images of projects I wanted to learn/start, home décor ideas, travel destinations, etc.

Keeping an inspiration journal led me to deeper explorations creatively, and was an aid to shift my thinking.  I learned how to focus my energy on the things that excited me, instead of the things that brought me down. It was amazing how my life turned around. I am definitely not claiming to have everything figured out or even close, but I can tell you that by choosing to tap into what excited me with a willingness to try new things without fear of failure, I was led down one of the most exciting and rewarding paths that I ever could have imagined.