Living Inspired E-Journal


What makes you happy? 

Take a journey of self-discovery to explore your passions and dreams and live a more creative and fulfilling life! 

It’s easy to lose yourself on the Ferris wheel of life, to forget your passions, or to neglect your own well-being. If you have found yourself drifting, or seeking deeper fulfillment, the Living Inspired Journal will get you back on the road to finding your essence and living your best life.

By introducing simple practices such as SELF-CARE, GRATITUDE, and MINDFULNESS, this journal will help you take control of your life. It will encourage you to appreciate the things that make you happy, and to change the things that don’t.

The Living Inspired Journal is divided into NINE SECTIONS, each one focusing on a different aspect of your life or personality. The beautiful artwork and irresistible ‘fill-in’ areas are the work of San Francisco-based artist, Jennifer Clifford. With words of wisdom and simple, thought-provoking tasks, it will keep you motivated on your journey to living an inspired life.

You will find advice to get you thinking constructively about your dreams and direction, along with reflection tasks and journal pages to help put all those thoughts in order. You will find practical tips and exercises to refresh your mind and body, from improving your sleep to energizing yourself in the morning.

Working through each of the sections, you will have the opportunity to calm your soul and open your mind to a new, more positive future. By completing tasks such as letting go of your anger on the ‘Rage Page’ and acknowledging personal growth in a ‘Letter to your younger self’, you can make room for joy and design your dream life.

    The Living Inspired Journal includes: 

    (eBook prints to 83 PDF files 8.5"x11" pages.)

    • Inspirational quotes and thought-provoking guidance
    • Irresistible ‘fill-in’ pages
    • Vision mapping, habit trackers, and goal setting exercises
    • Journal pages for collage and notes
    • Bonus recipes, practical tasks, and craft ideas to get you actively pursuing a more creative and positive lifestyle 

    You can also import the PDF file into your Goodnotes app on your iPad Pro and use with your stylus.  

    Please note, this is a digital product that will be emailed to you once you purchase. 

    After you purchase the item, you will receive an email with an immediate download link.