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Mix and match your favorites to express your unique style.


Welcome to the world of Jennifer Clifford Art + Design. 

Everything that comes from my San Francisco studio aims to help inspire your best life!  

Say bye, bye to boring and HELLO to fun!

Spruce up your home with my colorful art and/or organic cotton accessories that will connect you to your treasurable memories and encourage you to make new ones.

Live inspired!

All the colors and patterns in my art are designed to go together to make your home feel eclectic, cozy, and unique.

Explore the ins and the outs of my collections and collect your favorites.

Looking for inspiration?

Wall art is something that is extremely important to any inspired home.

I've put together some inspiration ideas for you here to help inspire some ideas in your own home.

Organic Cotton Accessories

Living Inspired Journal

I've found that my creativity connects me to everything I love. It's the glue that ties all of my passions together. It took me years to make this connection and after a lot of self-reflection it's all very clear.

I created this journal to help you find your light and make it shine! Explore your passions and dreams and help these things pave the way to a more inspired way of living.

Here's what customers are saying...

"Hello Jennifer, my best friend received your two pieces. She was in tears and said they were so beautiful and took her right back home, especially the poppy flowers and all the textures and beautiful colors. Thank you for bringing happiness and beauty to my best friends life." Ani

"Jennifer, the two prints I ordered arrived yesterday. They are gorgeous! They are even more gorgeous in person than on Instagram. The print of Paris literally took my breath away! Goal now is to one day own one of your originals.❤️ " Sandi

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