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About me

I was an interior designer for many years before deciding to pursue a full time art career. I have always been drawn to texture, the juxtaposition of pattern and bold color. In college, I developed a passion for collage art. Today my work is a reflection of that passion, melded with the vibrant textiles and wallpapers I loved and used while practicing interior design.

In 2009, I took up a new hobby that paved the way for a career change years later: screen printing. I wanted to do something creative with my vast photo collection of skylines and icons taken on my urban walks around San Francisco. After some experimentation, and many messes,  I started screen printing my images on my large supply of wallpaper samples. I print in small runs in my North Beach studio.

Follow me on Instagram to see how I style the art in my own home. I offer tips for others who may be unsure about how to hang or combine art pieces.  I love answering questions from followers and customers, so feel free to connect with me and I'll be happy to help.

Are you looking for your own custom piece?  Art Commissions are welcome! Let me work with your space and color palette to create a meaningful and unique piece for you.