I was an interior designer for over 10 years. Although I no longer work in the industry, I am still very passionate about decorating my own home and making it an inspiring and creative place that compliments my personality and interests.

A crucial part of decorating our spaces involves embellishing our walls with art, memorabilia, and photos. Although I personally love the look of framed art, framing can be daunting for schedules and budgets. There are many ways to hang art that are budget friendly and convenient, that also look great.  Here are 4.


  1. A print mounted onto wood. This is a ready-to-go solution for hanging art. It not only looks great but there is nothing else to buy except the nail.

I offer a full collection of my digital print line that is mounted onto wood.  Lately, I have been obsessed with Command Strips.  Each strip adheres to the back of the art as well as the wall.  No nails needed which means no nail holes and I love this because I always moving my art around. My walls are a constant rotating art gallery. This might be the case with you, but regardless, noholes in the wall is great. 

Can purchase the Command Strips here:



  1. Wooden Magnetic Hangers: These are my new obsession. I love how easy these are to use and love the finished look. This particular application looks great with my new Bon Voyage Series.  All you do is separate the two bars and slip in your print for the top and bottom. The print is secured well and the bottom bar adds weight to straighten the artwork. I sell an 11” size for $18 on my website under the Bon Voyage tab.



  1. Binder Clips. This might not sound like the most attractive idea, but there are some really cool and fancy clips on the market and can add a chic industrial look to your wall.  I think this application works great in offices and kids’ rooms.

There are many on the market. I have these and think they’re great.


  1. Decorative Tape. There are many on the market these days- Washi tape to a decorative masking tape found at the hardware store. It doesn’t leave a mark on the walls or the prints and can be a good solution for a kids’ room or office. It’s also good solution for those who like constant change as it’s inexpensive and easy to use. This photo combines all of the 4 ways into one
March 16, 2018 — Jennifer Clifford