I am thrilled to share with you my new Spring Collection, City Strolls.  This collection is inspired by city strolls around San Francisco and a few other cities that I have recently visited. 

City Strolling for me is how I default to getting around the city whenever possible. It’s during this time when I get the most of my inspiration for my work - observing the lighting, reflections, colors, textures, skylines, urban sprawl and the way the shapes overlap. My mind goes on overdrive and the ideas flood in. 

When it comes time to create the work, my process is very loose and unplanned.  I am in the moment working with the wallpapers, the color of the ink, and the different ideas to paint under the screen prints, etc.

I screen print in small runs of about 15-50 prints per image, using different wallpaper backgrounds. This makes each piece unique from the others within the run. No two are exactly the same.

Here on my site I have selected one image from each run to be available for purchase.  

Collect your favorite pieces before they’re gone.

Stay tuned for the next country to be revealed in my new Bon Voyage series. 

April 01, 2018 — Jennifer Clifford